20 minutes and done

So. I am supposed to just write for twenty minutes. That is not a task that I had planned for today, but then again what have I achieved today that was part of any plan? I have wavered on the verge of starting this twenty minute torture for the last hour … I guess that could be called procrastination which is a previously mastered art form, not like this blogging gig I am attempting.

I have cleared the desk, the virtual desktop, other email distractions and the one forum that interests me but is not to be mentioned in this text (because I promised myself that I wouldn’t) and most of the corners of my mind. I have a hot, fresh coffee (but not the one that I made to sit down to write this) and I am resisting the temptation of peanut butter on crispbreads until I get this finished. I think I am ready and apparently I have started. I know this is going to go on for a while so I feel the need to pace myself … and set a few rules (I am a control freak it seems). I don’t want to reveal too much of me in this because some of it must be discovered in later blogs in Writing 101 and even more is to be revealed slowly in the lifetime of blogging that I hope is to follow.

I am a student again, learning a new language to use in my work. Korean. 안녕하십니까? That is “An nyong ha shim ni ka?” or “Hello” in the simplest form I can manage for this task. It is actually the language learning that prompted the idea of blogging and writing again. I am really feeling the challenge of getting my message understood in a second (or third or other) language and was wondering if the same differences exist in Korean between what I think ‘normal’ written and spoken English language is and what is turned into blog prose or even shortened and thrown into e-mail and text messages. Add to that the current penchant for redefining our word usage (in politics and news reporting) and you get a whole mess of confusion in your head.

I want to write more so that I understand more of what I read. That seemed pretty straight forward when I thought it and said it out loud, but now that it is written I am not so sure. I learn by repetition, the more I do it the easier it is to bring it back out of my head. I find the easiest Korean vocabulary to recall is the stuff that I write into real meaningful sentences. So, I thought that if I write more I would force myself to write in more styles and perhaps even different genres to extend the way that I take in what others write in all forms.

But there was the (first?) interruption, do I start again or do I just go on from here?  Go on, to go back would be to fall victim to my procrastinating soul.  The reason for writing … getting what is inside out.  Learning to get the thoughts that fill my head into a place where they can trouble other people as much as they trouble me.  Perhaps eventually doing it in more than one language as a way of crossing a cultural divide or at least a mental/social divide that I have built in my head.

Now I am panicking because my 20 minutes are nearly up and I don’t think I have done a particularly good job of this … I have tried not to go back and read and refine and resubmit as I have gone along but I have failed and succumbed to the desire to write more goodly than I have before.

Well it is a start, and every great journey starts with a single step – or post in this case.

(and I don’t know why I just capitalised that R … )

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4 Responses to 20 minutes and done

  1. I’m probably not a real professional blogger entitled to comment what I’m about to type here. But to me, your writing is great. I can see that it just flowed naturally and apparently you have much better vocabulary than I do. So well done. 🙂


    • lvhrbidger says:

      Thanks for the feedback A.N. This is a journey that I am keen to at least get moving on. And I really dont know where it will take me as a writer, that is half the fun I guess!

      • I had that doubt on myself previously too and it turns out, just by typing a few words really unlock a whole new stream of idea.

        Then let the fun begins 🙂

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