A place to be

Searching my mind for a place to be only finds one answer:  with you.

There are many destinations that a flight of fancy might take me, but there is a common link in all my desires: I am there with you.

Be it at home on our deck sipping coffee and looking at the mountains as we talk about plans or problems or nonsense while the damn beagle tries to ensure our time in her domain is not without due tribute.  Or at a crowded shopping centre looking for something we either desperately need, desperately want, or both, or neither – but searching together.  Or touring the open road, cuddled together on the three-wheeled toy that makes my heart race, but not like the way it races when I think of getting somewhere with you.  Or on a mountain top/river bank/ocean side/dessert dune gazing at the wonders placed here for us.


Being apart is never easy.  Planning well for the time apart soothes the pain but never overcomes the yawning chasm ripped into our world when the day comes to leave, yet again.  But planning for the reunion brings a smile and a skip to my step that can only be surpassed by the joy that will be felt when I am with you and you are in my arms again late this Friday.  Friday’s work will be an intolerable impediment to the departure from my temporary southern home and the one-hour flight to you will seem an eternity.  But this is a weekend to be savoured; the celebration of our monarch’s birthday provides a bonus 24 for me to be with you.

“with you”; those two words again – the only place I want to be.


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